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Look Who Tied the Knot!
If you've recently tied the knot and don't mind sharing a few of the details with us, we'd love to hear about it!  And don't be shy...send us the photographs, too.  Click here.

2011, Stuart G. GilchristOpen in a New Window

STUART GRAY GILCHRIST and EMILY RUTH ROBERTSON were married on September 28, 2013, at Second Presbyterian Church in Roanoke. Groomsmen included Douglas Vermilya ’11 and Sidney Vermilya ’12. The brides is a graduate of Roanoke College and works as a CPA for Dixon Hughes Goodman. The groom is a territory manager for Ferguson Enterprises. They lve in Richmond. | 2014-04-11 03:29:00


2006, Hunter L. RookerOpen in a New Window

HUNTER LEE ROOKER and JACKLYN CHLOE BRASCHLER were married on September 1, 2013, in Cary, North Carolina. The bride is a graduate of Florida State University and has a master's degree in accounting from North Carolina State University. She is a certified public accountant and manager with the Assurance practice at Ernst and Young. The groom earned a master's degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is an internal auditor at Cisco Systems. They live in Raleigh. | 2014-03-10 11:09:00


2009, Kevin B. MorrisonOpen in a New Window

KEVIN BLAKE MORRISON and MEGAN LONGTAIN were married on October 5, 2013, at Old House Vineyards in Culpeper. In attendance were Brett Wilson ’09, Andrew Sellers ’09, T.C. Stevens ’09, Josh Simpson ’09, Luke Swiney ’09, Hall Toledano ’09, Craig Warnement ’10, and Joey Omick ’10. The bride is a graduate of Radford University and works as a food sourcing coordinator for Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee. The groom is a senior financial analyst with Mountain States Health Alliance. They live in Johnson City, Tennessee. | 2014-03-10 11:04:00


2008, Lawrence Kirkwood Weber IVOpen in a New Window

LAWRENCE KIRKWOOD WEBER IV and PATTON LEIGH ELLIS were married on October 12, 2013, at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The bride is a graduate of the University of Georgia and works as an implementation consultant at Black Diamond Performance Reporting LLC. The groom is a financial advisor in the global wealth and investment management group at Merrill Lynch. They live in Jacksonville, Florida. | 2014-03-10 10:41:00


2013, Christopher M. Yenney Jr.Open in a New Window

CHRISTOPHER M. YENNEY, JR., and KALEIGH ROSE GILLILAND were married on November 16, 2013, at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The bride is a graduate of James Madison University and a graduate student at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. The groom works for Wolseley Industrial. They live in Cary, North Carolina. | 2014-02-17 09:36:00


1998, James C. Goforth IIOpen in a New Window

JAMES CLIFFORD GOFORTH II and ELIZABETH ANN McGEE were married on June 21, 2013, on the beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico. In attendance were Andy York '98, Hunter Irby '97 and Vance Tysor III '98. The bride earned a master's in reading education from The University of Colorado at Denver and works as a reading education specialist with Holly Graves & Associates. The groom earned a master's in business administration from The University of Denver and works as the manager of credit and commodity trading risk with Xcel Energy. They live in Denver. | 2014-02-15 02:11:00


2011, Clay M. ParkerOpen in a New Window

CLAYTON MICHAEL PARKER and GRETCHEN DOMALESKI were married on July 6, 2013. In attendance were Scott Anderson ’10, Andrew Bailey ’11, Will Riggenbach ’11, Henry Skiba ’10, Ben Rogers ’12, Alex Kolt ’10, Mac Hazel ’10, Stuart Callahan ’11, Tal Covington ’11, Matthew MacFarland ’11, Jack Carpenter ’11, Gus King ’11, Ian Sammler ’12, Bill Bailey ’85, and Grady Bing ’12. The bride is a graduate of Mary Baldwin College. The groom is a software developer with Advantor Systems. They live in Orlando, Florida. | 2014-01-30 03:39:00


2008, Matthew J. LaneOpen in a New Window

MATTHEW JENNINGS LANE and NATALEE JACQUELYN HOWLE were married on October 12, 2013. The bride is a graduate of Columbia College. The groom is a petty officer 2nd class in the U.S. Navy. They live in Portsmouth. | 2014-01-28 11:21:00


2007, J. William Bolton IIIOpen in a New Window

Dr. JAMES WILLIAM BOLTON III and JOANN ROHINI EMMANUEL were married on April 20, 2013, on Amelia Island, Florida. In attendance were Richard Jones ’06, Chris Collie ’10, Bob Whitt ’78, Jimmy Bolton ’76, Brarry Cutright ’78, Hall Toledano ’09. The bride is a medical resident at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. The groom is a dentist in Ponte Vedra Beach. They live in Atlantic Beach, Florida. | 2014-01-28 02:14:00


2008, Joseph L. FarmerOpen in a New Window

JOSEPH LYNCH FARMER and FRANCES GLENN were married on June 8, 2013, in Frog Pond, South Carolina. The bride is pursuing a master's degree in occupational therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University. The groom is a financial advisor in the Farmer Group of BB&T/Scott & Stringfellow. They live in Richmond. | 2014-01-27 02:31:00


2005, Stephen M. FergusonOpen in a New Window

STEPHEN MATTHEW FERGUSON and ELIZABETH MARGARET STILLEY were married on September 28, 2013, in Richmond. The groomsmen included Craig Morcom ’08 and Joe Andriano ’09. Also in attendance were Bo Hargrove ’08, Cory Rayfield ’05, Kenneth Strickler ’05, Wythe Hogge ’05, Ryan Davis ’05, Trey Surber ’05, Austin Bright ’09, Penn Mohrmann ’09, and Joe Stiles ’10. The bride is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and works for Bon Secours Health System. The groom works for Bearing Masonry, LLC. They live in Chesterfield. | 2014-01-22 03:25:00


2006, Thomas H. RalstonOpen in a New Window

THOMAS HUNTER RALSTON and ALEXANDRA MICHELLE LEWIS were married on November 9, 2013. The bride is a graduate of Roanoke College and is a senior accountant at DyStar, LP. The groom earned his MBA from Wake Forest University and owns a commercial real estate firm. They live in Charlotte. | 2014-01-22 03:13:00


2011, Donald Lee Howard J.rOpen in a New Window

DONALD LEE HOWARD, JR., and KAITLYN MARIE HARRISON were married on June 22, 2013, in Greenville, North Carolina. The bride is a graduate of East Carolina University and works as a second grade teacher. The groom is a general manager at Textbook Brokers. They live in Fayetteville, North Carolina. | 2014-01-22 01:50:00


2004, Robert G. BrinkOpen in a New Window

ROBERT GEORGE BRINK and ELLEN RENE THOMPSON were married on July 20, 2013, at Emerald Isle Church in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. In attendance were Chad Copp ’04 and Chris Cin ’04. They live in Cedar Point, North Carolina. | 2014-01-22 01:40:00


1988, C. Patrick HowardOpen in a New Window

Lt. Col. C. PATRICK HOWARD and NELDA GONZALEZ PETERSON were married on September 1, 2013, in Helotes, Texas. The bride is an Air Force civilian ESL supervisor at the Defense Language Institute Language Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. The groom is the Red Team chief for the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. | 2014-01-09 08:45:00


2007, Seth A. OteyOpen in a New Window

SETH ANDREW OTEY and JESSICA RAE McCORMICK were married on September 7, 2013, at the bride's parent's farm in Pamplin. The bride is a graduate of Hollins University. | 2013-11-01 02:11:00


2009, Michael R. KrewinghausOpen in a New Window

MICHAEL RICHARD KREWINGHAUS and JESSICA WILDE were married on September 29, 2012. They live in Roanoke. | 2013-10-17 02:51:00


2005, Andrew G. BaldwinOpen in a New Window

ANDREW GRAYSON BALDWIN and ISABELLE PEYTON ABBOT were married on December 22, 2012, in Charlottesville. The groom is the owner and broker of Core Real Estate and Development LLC. They live in Charlottesville. | 2013-10-16 02:41:00


2010, Turner R. KingOpen in a New Window

TURNER RANDALL KING and BLAKE PAULINE HEERMAN were married on June 22, 2013, in Mechanicsville. In attendance were Hakeem Croom '10, Patrick Lynch '12, Dee Vick '94, Jarrod Ficklin '11, Colin O'Neill '11, Michael Blanchard '11, Erick Herrmann '12, Matt Partsch '11, Larry Henshaw '10, Stephen Ellmann '12, Mike Edwards '07, Harrison George '13, John Barker '09, Fletcher Lumpkin '13, and Ben Jessee '12. The bride is a graduate of Longwood University and teaches second grade at Roanoke Catholic School. The groom is a lead sales associate for NetVentures Corporation. They live in Roanoke.
| 2013-10-07 11:59:00


2010, Adam V. GilletteOpen in a New Window

ADAM VAUGHAN GILLETTE and MARY MARGARET NELMS were married on August 18, 2012, at St. Peter's Parish Church in New Kent County. Groomsmen were Blake Salmon ’10, T.J. Morgan ’10, Craig Warnement ’10, and Geordie Briedenbach ’10. The bride is a graduate of Longwood University and a teacher in New Kent County Schools. The groom is a sales coordinator for 84 Lumber. They live in Richmond. | 2013-10-07 11:40:00


2002, Benjamin C. FarmerOpen in a New Window

BENJAMIN CHARLES FARMER and ANNE LOUISE RODDY were married on July 13, 2013, at The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond. In attendance were Thomas Glass ’02, Craig Elkins ’02, Bob Farmer ’73, Kevin Deaver ’02, Alexander Shuping ’02, John Toner ’00, Richard Whitaker ’02, Dennis Metzfield ’02, Dave Call ’02, Nolan Wages ’04, David DeFazio ’95, Bill Wheeler ’73, Dan Bartges ’70, and Bob Dewsbury ’72. They live in Richmond. | 2013-09-27 02:09:00


2004, Ross M. MichelsOpen in a New Window

Dr. ROSS McGUIRE MICHELS and AMBER MAY JOHNSON were married on April 14, 2013, at Second Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The groom is a physician in a fellowship at Tulane University. The bride earned a master's in business administration from New York University and is working on her master's in healthcare administration. They live in New Orleans. | 2013-08-16 11:11:00


2003, Christopher T. WaggenerOpen in a New Window

To Dr. CHRISOPHER T. WAGGENER and JENNIFER WAGGENER, twins, Wilson Christopher Waggener and Caroline Ann Waggener, on born January 10, 2013. They live in Richmond. | 2013-08-13 05:09:00


2008, Elijah T. LawsonOpen in a New Window

ELIJAH TYSON LAWSON and KATHERINE HEATH were married on December 8, 2012, in Roanoke. In attendance were Steven Byrd ’08, Mark Saunders ’08, Andrew Jennings ’08, Phil Miskovic ’08, Matt Curry ’07, and Rob Shrader ’08. They live in Roanoke. | 2013-08-11 04:01:00


2012, General D. JenkinsOpen in a New Window

GENERAL DAKOTA JENKINS and SAMANTHA TAYLOR PUCKETT were married on June 1, 2013. Chris Welch ’14, Alex Lemieux ’12, Connor Winstead ’12, Brinson White ’13, Forrest Allen ’13, and Wesley Morck ’13 served as groomsmen. Also serving as members of the wedding party were James Goodson ’12 and Frasher Bolton ’12. In attendance were, Jordan White ’13, Connor Rund ’13, Kevin Besserer ’12, Bo Farrar ’12, Julian Yates ’14, Raymond Owen ’14, Charlie Hect ’12, Kyle Marron ’14, Richard Foley ’14, Charlie Parrish ’12, Nick Almond ’14, and Mike Turner ’13. The groom is the owner of Jenkins Blue and Gray, LLC, and the bride works at Longwood University.They live in Rice. | 2013-08-05 12:06:00


2009, Eric M. NashOpen in a New Window

ERIC M. NASH and NICOLE E. BRAGG were married on July 7, 2012. The bride is a graduate of Longwood University and works as a third grade teacher at Kenston Forest School. The groom owns and operates Clay's Landscape & Lawn Care. They live in Blackstone. | 2013-08-05 05:01:00


2003, Timothy A. DanielsOpen in a New Window

Dr. TIMOTHY ASHLEY DANIELS and KIRSTEN LUCY LEMME EGGER were married on December 28, 2012, in Santa Barbara, California. In attendance were Ben Perrone ’03, Cory Hopper ’05, Nate Breeding ’00, David Bill IV ’01, David Gerritz ’02, Kerr Ramsay III ’03, Billy Ciucci ’02, and John Harman ’03. The groom toasted the bride with a line from Algernon Sydney's first composition, Essay on Love. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech and works for Global Power Supply. He is a lecturer in the Department of History at UC Santa Barbara. They live in Santa Barbara. | 2013-07-17 10:29:00


2009, Benjamin C. HarrisOpen in a New Window

BENJAMIN CURTIS HARRIS and SARA BETH LUSCOMBE were married on July 21, 2012, in Richmond. Kevin Harris ’77 was the best man. The groomsmen included Mclean Bean ’09 and Trevor Thraves ’11. Also in attendance were Alex Crouch '07, Rob Bedinger '07, Gardner Meek '07, Wesley Duke '07, Cliff Edahl '07, Mike Patterson '09, Kris Norbo '09, Trey Neimier '09, Zach Campbell '09, Patrick Rowe '09, Cole Faulkner '10, Bo Hargrove '08, Hillman Terzian '08, Tomcat Wilson '09, Whit Jacobs '08, Davis Yake '08, Mark Castrovinci '09, and Austin Bright '09. The bride is a graduate of James Madison University and is an elementary school teacher for Henrico County. The groom works at BrownGreer PLC in Richmond, where they live. | 2013-07-12 04:18:00


2005, D. Heath Gates Jr.Open in a New Window

DAVID HEATH GATES, JR., and BEATRICE CATHERINE HUIE were married on October 15, 2011 in Fredericksburg. In attendance were Ernest Gates, Jr. ’76, Thomas Gates ’88, The Hon. Ernest Gates, Sr. ’45, The Hon. Phillip DiStanislao ’77, Charley Gates ’04, Bob Boykin ’08, William Moore ’78, Timothy McDonald ’79, Dr. Benjamin Gates ’01, Tom "Dog" Walker ’77, Scott McAdams ’07, Douglas Labrose ’06, Jason Luxton ’04, Cody Ford ’04, Tom Melton ’06, William Horner ’05, Eli Brewer ’08, Clay Coyle ’05, Ryan Schilling ’06, J.B. Mitchel ’12, Charley Benhase ’12, Drew DiStanislao ’15, Matthew Gates ’12, Brian Holder ’04, Judson Warren ’05, David Gates, Sr. ’78, D. Heath Gates, Jr. ’05, Patrick Gates ’09, Bo Gravely, Jr. ’05, Wingate Grant III ’08, James Lloyd Hodges ’05, Samuel Corey ’08, Walker Sigler ’05, Matt Tedder ’05, and Matt Melnick ’05, and Professor Robert Herdegen. The bride is a graduate of Longwood University and is a Junior Partner at Turnkey Interiors. The groom is an associate with his father's law firm, CowanGates.  They live in Richmond. | 2013-07-11 11:35:00


2009, Joshua D. SchaeferOpen in a New Window

JOSHUA DANIEL SCHAEFER and ELIZABETH SCOTT McCONVILLE were married on April 6, 2013, in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The bride is a graduate of Elon College and works in development for St. Martins Episcopal School. The groom is an account executive for Atlantix Global Systems. They live in Atlanta. | 2013-07-11 11:15:00


2005, Stuart S. DoleyOpen in a New Window

STUART SCHACKINGER DOLEY and MOLLY ANN STARK were married on April 6, 2013, in San Ignacio, Belize. In attendance were James Blackburn ’05, Dr. Dacre Knight ’05, J. Patrick Whitehead ’04, Brian Ford ’05, Taylor Mann ’05, and Jeff Gay ’05. The bride and groom earned their MBAs in Barcelona and are now self-employed. They live in Belize City, Belize. | 2013-07-09 09:52:00


2009, Daniel J. PohlOpen in a New Window

DANIEL JOSEPH POHL and HEIDI ALDREDA BLANTON were married on November 24, 2012, at St. John's Lutheran Church in Farmville. Clem O'Shea Venable IV ’09 and Thomas Anthony Miller II ’09 were groomsmen. The bride is a student at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College. They live in Richmond. | 2013-07-08 12:21:00


2011, Johnson D. CarpenterOpen in a New Window

JOHNSON DILLARD "JACK" CARPTENTER and KATIE DEVLIN were married on May 25, 2013, in Fairfax. In attendance were Will Riggenbach ’11, Mac Hazel ’11, Gus King ’11, Matthew MacFarland ’11, Tal Covington ’11, Ian Sammler ’12, David Shufford ’12, Grady Bing ’13, and David Riddick ’77. The bride is a graduate of Longwood University and works as a teacher in Chesterfield County. The groom is the assistant director of The Hampden-Sydney Fund at Hampden-Sydney. They live in Farmville. | 2013-07-08 11:23:00


2011, Zachary D. CullenOpen in a New Window

ZACHARY D. CULLEN and MICHELLE MESSIER were married on June 16, 2012, at White Hall Vineyards in Crozet. The brides is a graduate of Sweet Briar College. They both work at State Farm and live in Charlottesville. | 2013-06-25 10:09:00


2007, Benjamin A. Pope IVOpen in a New Window

BENJAMIN A. POPE and RACHEL ASHER were married on August 20, 2012 in Norfolk. In attendance were Neal Eike ’07, Justin Parrish ’07, Paul Recordon ’06, Bill Gresham ’08, Andrew McGowan ’07, Mark Ransone ’07, and Benjamin Barnhill ’08. The bride is a graduate of Longwood Univeristy and teaches second grade in Chesapeake. The groom is a self-employed accountant helping small businesses and individuals. | 2013-04-25 10:23:00


2005, Travis IrvinOpen in a New Window

TRAVIS H. IRVIN and LAUREN DIXON were married on February 2, 2013, in Richmond. Former College Chaplain The Reverend William E. Thompson officiated. The bride works at Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry. The groom works at Elephant Auto Insurance. They live in Richmond. | 2013-04-25 09:05:00


2003, John MacDonnellOpen in a New Window

JOHN F. MACDONNELL and JAIME LYNN BUCKLEY were married on September 29, 2012, in Annapolis, Maryland. In attendance were Chris Schaaf ’04, Beau Burke ’03, Tom DiVincenzo ’03, Chris Lucas ’03, Matt Fassnacht ’04, and Ryan Burns ’05. The groom earned his master's degree from Johns Hopkins and works as a acquisitions and dispositions manager at SugarOaks Holdings. They live in Herndon. | 2013-04-25 02:27:00
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